Things to do in Cincinnati with a party bus or charter bus rental

Things You Thought You Would Never Want To Know About Sign-Making

Dec 11, 2013

The great thing about America is this - acceptance and diversity. You see diversity in the people, culture, lifestyle, food, preference in terms of friends, bars, shopping malls and creativity. You see them everywhere. That’s the one thing that makes places like Cincinnati worth visiting in a charter bus or as a solo traveler.

We see diversity in sign boards all around Connecticut too.

Quaint American signs throughout the passage of time

When you visit the American Sign Museum at 1330, Monmouth Street, Cincinnati OH 45225, you will get the chance to feast your eyes of the visual history of American Signages from 1870 right down to 1970s.

Just like people, there is a story behind every sign that was ever made. The Cincinnati charter bus visit takes you down memory lane and if you have been around in Cincinnati for some time, some of these signs will definitely make you smile.

The founder made a very remarkably accurate overview about signs. ‘It is a fascinating reflection of America through the years’ - Tod Swormstedt.

How will American Signs Museum show me about history?

Signs are made when they are relevant. Which means to say that it showcases an event, something that was happening at that current moment, or just places that might disappear a couple of months later. Signs are also very relevant to locality, situations, neighborhoods and cities.

The American Sign Museum features:-

  • More than 19,000 square feet worth of space for you to explore each and every single one of the signs
  • We heard from tour guides that they are preparing another 20,000 square feet for new exhibits
  • The ceilings are extremely high so, it really gives the impression of space and freedom to explore
  • A LIVE Neon shop that continues to churn out new neon signs. The makers, visitors and guides are extremely friendly...and we consider that a worthy feature. Well-trained, friendly staff is sometimes hard to come by.
  • Large space for meetings, formal workshops, wedding receptions, or just a birthday party.
  • Loads of books for you to scour and read up about art, entertainment and of course, the history of sign-making. Yes, there is a history behind everything....including sign-making, dear readers.

The overall feeling of having visited the American Sign Museum is...

...special. It is so much more than you would expect from a museum like this. Honestly speaking, sometimes you are surprised by an understated or under-promoted event? Yes, the charter bus visit is somewhat described as that. A special surprise.